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Moroccan recipes
Best traditional moroccan cuisine's recipes

These Moroccan recipes are the main recipes of traditional Moroccan cuisine as they
have used to be cooked in Moroccan families for ages, as well as - today - in some good Moroccan gastronomic restaurants which work to preserve and promote traditional Moroccan culinary arts. You'll find a list of these restaurants by clicking on the
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Moroccan starters Moroccan main courses Moroccan desserts
Aubergine (zaalouk) salad 7 vegetable marrakchia couscous Milk and almond pastilla
Spinach (bakkoula) salad Chicken and vegetable couscous Almond and honey warm panecakes
Classic tomatoe moroccan salad Royal couscous Citrus fruit salad with orange blossom
Tuffed briouats Chicken guedra with almonds Parfumed baked rice
Pigeon pastilla Marrakchia tanjia Dry fruit couscous
Seafood pastilla M’charmel lamb shoulder Almond and honey briouats
Poultry leaver charmoula M’charmel fish tajine
Vegetable chorba Royal quail and pear tajine
Traditional marrakchia harira Chicken and potted lemon tajine
Chicken and ginger tajine
Egg and kefta tajine
Berber lamb tajine
Makfoul lamb tajine
Lamb and artichoke tajine
Chicken and tomatoe tajine
Dry prune tajine
Dry fig tajine
Dry apricot tajine
Good to know ! Le Riad Monceau, Moroccan gourmet restaurant in Marrakesh, publishes each month
the full details of a traditional Moroccan recipe created by Chef Rachida Sahnoune ; you can easily
receive these recipes for free by joining HERE the Facebook page of the restaurant.