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Looking for a good moroccan restaurant for a future stay in Morocco, or feeling nostalgic after an amazing short break in a Marrakech luxury riad ? Being homesick, far from the kingdom where you were born, or being simply found of this fantastic sunny and generous moroccan cuisine ? Whatever your purpose, this website dedicated to moroccan gastronomy is the one you were looking for.

You will find here a full list of the main traditional moroccan recipes, the way they’ve been cooked here in Morocco for ages.

You’ll find also a strict selection of the best moroccan restaurants in Morocco, all moroccan gastronomy hotspots. Some restaurants promote a traditional and authentic moroccan cuisine while others invent and create what one could call the moroccan nouvelle cuisine. All of them take part in the defence and revival – for our greatest pleasure – of THE moroccan gastronomy.

Then, if you feel inspired, you’ll be able to discover the secrets of one of the world’s finest range of culinary arts in taking part in one of the friendly cookery workshops we’ve selected for you ; a great way to go to the deep of Morocco, land of welcoming and generosity.

NEW IN 2012 - We just received a copy of a beautiful book that should delight all people interested in Marrakesh and Moroccan gastronomy... Make your own opinion with this online overview on ISSUU.